Class Information


Good to have with you:

  • loose fitting clothing that allows space for movement
  • socks and a sweatshirt (or a small blanket) if you get cold easily during relaxation
  • A good sticky mat
  • a long yoga belt ( 2-2.5 meters)
  • a couple of yoga blocks
  • a towel or towels
  • a bottle of water

My approach to yoga is neither philosophical nor doctrinal but rather experiential. That means no rigid dogmas or speculative philosophies,  just a spontaneous exploration of the breath (pranayama), physical posture (asana)  and meditation (dhyana) suitable for all levels. No prior experience or knowledge of yoga is needed and every body is welcome.

Inspiration for the techniques presented here are drawn directly from my 20-year love affair with the subject as well as a deep appreciation for the experiential insights yogic techniques can afford us into who we are and what we can be (as opposed to become). And that’s what I feel yoga essentially is; a means to gain direct experiential insights into the mystery of being.

See you in class!

Note for friends and students: I am currently taking a break from teaching to pursue some personal educational goals. I will be posting videos and articles as a substitute for the face-to-face classes. I look forward to seeing you all again when I return to teaching. Namaste!