Lamentation for Man-unkind

A quiet desperation screams

A silent exhaustion moans

Man seeks to overcome

And so can’t let go

He only knows to fear his inadequacy

Afraid of God

Afraid of living

Afraid of humanity, especially his own

Afraid of Nature

Afraid of his body

Afraid of his senses

He has lost any he might have had

Afraid of the unknown

Afraid of the unseen

Afraid of his dreams

He is left only with ambitions

“Better to just deny them all”

He thinks

Science, religion, and violence

Aught to be enough to force them into submission

So he ends up in his head

creates his own world to hide in

He whispers promises of safety secretly into his own ears

So as not to know that he himself is the whisperer

In the end it is ineffective

Once you die the jig is up


The Fools of Time

Belief birthed Religion

Theory, Science

Concept, Philosophy

I choose possibility

Which birthed Eternity

Birthed Infinity

And me only freer

I’ll leave the other three to the fools of time