Just a Little Further

With sweat and effort

Lumbering at pace

Your breath is heavy

Your heart is racing

The thrill of running on

The thrill of exhaustion

You’ve covered some distance

But there is always a little more to go

The mind’s treadmill

Is a state of the art affair

Equipped with a high-definition monitor

And surround sound stereo

You can watch your favorite shows

Even search older episodes

For the dramas, tragedies, and comedies you have come to cherish

Sooner or later though

You remember you signed up for Interval training

And the treadmill is supposed to be programmed to stop occasionally

Instead it seems to be programmed only to increase incline and speed over time

Eventually you come to see that it is a futile exercise

After all your not getting anywhere

So you call for your personal trainer

But they are too busy with some One else

Will you keep running?

I say: Just turn the treadmill off yourself

And head for the shower!


Your Reputation Precedes You

Do you hear the Unstruck percussion?

Does it call you to dance?

Can you see without sight,

The sun behind the mind?

Breathless, do you catch the scent of the wild rose?

Some won’t believe, they turn away laughing

The wise man is rendered silent

I have become inebriated with the spirits

Of God’s distillery

After all I have nothing to lose,

Your reputation precedes you

For Love From Love

If we speak

Let it be for Love

From Love

A signpost on the seeker’s way

Pointing the sacred pilgrimage to Self

The sea is churning in stillness

Waiting without waiting

Don’t be confused by Its saltless waters

Its gift is Its sweetness


This is where anger and fear

Are washed clean

Theatre of Personality

In the theatre of personality

The stage is set.

The spotlight of the mind is aimed at the great velvet curtain

It imagines to be veiling the Being.

The moment is come,

The curtain is pulled!


To heighten the anticipation.

But the stage is empty.

Just then the being removes Its special

Invisible virtual reality 3-D super glasses

The whole thing was.

The newest Vital Force Productions feature film…

From the makers of something comes…

No thing!

Who can appreciate this?

Then What?

And then, and then, and then!?

Persona is always awaiting stage directions

The mind behind,

Anticipates a climax

Where are the fireworks?

The explosion of color?

No trumpets?

Your being is not an event

It is simply watching the vital force

Directing the choreography

Though at times the drama is compelling

It is especially hard not to sympathize

With the main character


At the moment of death

The curtain is drawn

The show is over

No one is left to sigh for relief

Yet someone rests in peace

Who will see that there is no contradiction?