Chadyoga Upanisad

The Chadyoga Upanisad is a “play on words”. First, everyone calls me Chad and, second, I truly enjoy sharing  my love of yoga with others. I am also playing on the name of an ancient Indian scripture, the Chandogya Upanisad. Upanisads are philosophical treatises belonging to a larger body of scriptures known as the Vedas. The Sanskrit word veda means “knowledge” or “wisdom”, stemming from the root word vid, meaning “to know” or “to see”. The term upanisad is most commonly translated as “to sit near the proper place” and is understood to imply learning directly from a realized teacher. That said, I am not claiming to be a realized teacher, master or guru of any kind! The Chadyoga Upanisad is simply yoga as I see it. Yoga as I experience it in my own life.

I created this little “electric upanisad” as a way for me to share my practice, nothing more. The name is just a fun way to make it easier for friends and students to remember the site. So, if you like the techniques and ideas presented here, practice them, if not, don’t. If they work for you, great! If not, move on and find something that does work for you! After all, if the practices we undertake  transform our lives for the better, helping us to become more conscious, honest, loving, patient and peaceful humanbeings, then we should practice them regardless of what they are called or where they come from.